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Bringing Massage 2U are now able to accept payment by Debit or Credit Card 

Why not book a course of treatments and enjoy the benefit of a discounted price?

There is no time limit so you can choose when to have your treatment


It doesn’t matter which treatment you choose, you pay by the duration.

1.5 hour treatments                    £50       

1 hour treatments                       £40       

45 minutes                                 £33     

30 minutes                                 £25       

For home visits outside of Worcester I may charge a fee towards travelling expenses (typically £10 but please enquire)


Book a course of 6 treatments and benefit from a discounted price as follows:

6 x 45 minutes                        £180   

6 x 1 hour                              £210   

6 x 1.5 hours                          £275   

For treatments outside of Worcester an additional charge is made towards travelling as follows:

6 x 45 minutes + travelling        £228    

6 x 1 hour + travelling              £270   

6 x 1.5 hours + travelling          £330  

 Some Limitations

It is not possible to do a full body massage in less than  1 hour.

Also, if you combine an Indian Head Massage with a Back Massage, 1 hour is about right for this combination treatment.

I would not recommend the Acupressure Massage for longer than 30 minutes but this could be combined with another treatment for a longer session.

Other than that, you choose which combination you would like.

Payment Method

Payment may be made on the day of the appointment by cash, cheque, debit card or credit card.

Payment for Gift Vouchers may be made by using the PayPal buttons below or by card.

You may also pay by credit card over the telephone but please note card payments by telephone will incure a £1 charge.


Prices for Single Treatments






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